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How often have you heard the expression 'The members are the organisation'? 

While obviously true, in very many cases it may only be true in the sense that members pay their subscriptions but otherwise take little part in the life of the organisation.

They may have no sense of ownership and control and they take little responsibility for the active running and organisation of the union.

Part of the reason for this state of affairs is our own organisationís traditions. 

Our culture has been to elect representatives rather than create as many activists as we can.

Elected representatives are vital to the democracy of MAG, but the members who elect them often expect the reps to do all the organising work and fix all the problems. 

This can be dispiriting for the reps. It is not unusual for reps to say "I only took it on because no-one else would'.

The way forward is to take an organising approach to being a representative. 

The role of the rep is to provide the kind of leadership which encourages members to take responsibility for what happens within MAG.

This means widening the leadership base of the organisation and facilitating the maximum involvement of members in the groupís activities.

This Handbook is designed to help you do your Repís job to the best of your ability. 

We hope that you find it useful.

If you have any comment to make on the contents of the Handbook or any suggestions for improvements please feel free to pass your comments on to the National Network Communications Officer, Archi Hipkins, either by calling 0870 774 3559 or by e-mailing 

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