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Starting a Local MAG Group

Even if you have a Regional Rep to help set up your branch, it can seem a very daunting task.  Here are some pointers for you.

This is not a comprehensive guide and you may have to vary it to suit your situation. Use your initiative.

The primary functions of a local branch of MAG are:

  • to attract new members
  • raise money for Central funds and
  • to keep the members informed so they can lobby MPs and MEPs where and when necessary.

Find a suitable meeting place. This usually turns out to be the pub, but it would be nice to seemorebranches moving away from pubs to increase the amount of letter writing and lobbying.

Now the hard part! Find some people to attend your meetings. Some Reps advertise their meeting at local bike shops and in local papers, then turn up at the meeting place and wait for people to show up. This does work in some cases, but by far the best approach is to approach the people themselves and encourage them.

You should attend the meetings of the local motorcycle/scooter clubs to try and interest them. Once you are confident and well versed in MAG policy, you should attend their meeting and brief them on current issues.

In the “MAG UK Structure” section of this Handbook you will find some suggestions for key positions within the branch to help you spread the workload.  Now is the time to start filling these posts.

Open a bank account in the name of your local branch (e.g. Timbuktu MAG). It is easier and safer to send cheques to Central Office than to pay extra to send postal orders or to mail cash. Ensure that you have at least two signatories for the cheques. It is recommended that local branches have three, using the Regional Rep as a third.

The Reps Newsletter, Network, will often carry instructions on lobbying MPs and MEPs about pertinent issues. Ensure that you put aside time at each meeting to discuss these fully with the members and, if need be, to write letters etc.

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