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A - National

  1. Participate in major decisions between AGCs (at NC meetings). NC Meetings occur once every two months on 2nd Saturday of the month  (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec)

  2. Co-ordinate information flow (upwards and downwards)

  3. Co-ordinate national campaigns at a regional level.

B - Financial

  1. Take financial responsibility for the region (raising money, keeping accounts, passing funds upwards etc).

C - Local

  1. To organise the Regional AGM on an annual basis.  According to MAGís constitution, if a Regional Rep fails to organise an AGM within 15 months of the previous AGM, they forfeit their position.

  2. Manage activity of local reps and groups.

  3. Manage liaison work with local organisations/councils  etc.

  4. Convene local committees/working groups.

  5. Support local reps/officers in positions of  responsibility.

  6. Develop strategies for recruitment of new  members.

This job description is not exhaustive. It is important for Regional Reps to be aware that they can and should delegate tasks to other local MAG members. This could be by means of a Regional Committee with members having specific  tasks and job titles such as Political Officer, Treasurer or Dealer Liaison Officer.


(As amended  by the MAG AGC at Rugby, 27th October 2001)

1. Name

  1. The ...........................................Region Motorcycle Action Group

2. Objects

  1. To provide opportunities for MAG members in the region to  participate in the activities of MAG at a local and national level.

  2. To recruit members to MAG.

  3. To raise such funds for the maintenance of the Group locally and nationally as its activities require.

  4. To publicise the local and national activities of MAG within the region.

  5. To maintain contact with relevant local authorities and  public bodies where the departments of such authorities are involved in actions  or activities relevant to riders so as to ensure riders interests are represented and safeguarded.To co-ordinate the activities of local MAG groups  within the region.

3. Membership

  1. The membership of the region shall consist of individual members of the Motorcycle Action Group resident within the regional boundaries as agreed from time to time by the NC and AGC.

4. Management

  1. The region shall elect a Regional Representative (Regional Repí) whose powers and responsibilities shall be laid down by the National Committee subject to such local variations are requested by regions and agreed on a case-by-case basis by the National Committee.

  2. The Regional Rep shall represent the region on the National  Committee of the Motorcycle Action Group.

  3. The region may also elect, co-opt or appoint such additional officers as it deems necessary for the efficient management of the region. These  officers together with the Regional Rep shall comprise the Regional Committee.

  4. Where a Region decides to create a County sub-structure of local groups, the Region as a whole shall decide on the rules applicable to the  Counties as contained in Appendix I to these rules, so as to ensure that all  Counties within any given region operate on the same lines.

  5. The National Committee may dismiss Regional officers deemed  unsuitable or unqualified to hold office.

  6. Where circumstances so require, one member may be elected to more than one office.

  7. The financial year of this local group will end on the last  day of .......................... . Accounts will be forwarded to the National  Finance Director within one month of this date.

5. Regular Regional Meetings

  1. Regional meetings shall be held at least once every  ..............................................

  2. At least seven (7) days notice of regional meetings shall be given to all those entitled to attend. For this purpose a notice in MAGís  national members newspaper and an individual notification to each Local Repí in  the region shall be considered sufficient. The accidental failure to give notice  of a meeting to any member shall not invalidate the proceedings.

6. Regional Annual General Meetings

  1. From 1st January 2002 Regions shall notify their Regional AGMs to all members in the region by post using labels or similar assistance provided  by MAG Central Office showing details of current members as at the date of  request. The non-inclusion of members joining after the date of request shall  not invalidate the proceedings and neither shall any other genuinely accidental failure to notify any member, subject to ratification of the same by the appointed NC observer.

  2. Regions shall supply a draft agenda for said meeting to the  regional membership along with notice of any proposals and / or nominations  received by the date of the posting.

  3. Not less than 14 days notice shall be given of such  meetings.

  4. Not more than 15 months shall elapse between Regional AGMs and should no AGM be convened within that time the Regional Repís term of office shall cease, with the National Network Communications Officer convening a  Regional AGM in conjunction with local reps in the region.

  5. Regional AGMs shall be notified to the NC at least four weeks  prior so as to enable an observer to be appointed.

  6. The annual general meeting of this Region shall be held in ........................ of each year or in the event of such a meeting not  being held in that month for any reason, then as soon thereafter as  possible.

  7. The Regional AGM will take place at a time and venue decided by the Regional Committee.

  8. Twenty-eight (28) days notice of an AGM will be given to those members entitled to attend, although the accidental failure to give notice to any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting. Notification  through MAGís national membersí newspaper and an individual notification to each Local Repís in the region shall be considered adequate for this purpose.

  9. The quorum for an AGM shall be ...... members.

  10. Proposals and nominations will only be accepted from paid up members resident in the Region.

  11. All members shall be required to produce their membership  cards as proof of current membership before being admitted to Regional meetings.

7. Voting At All Regional Meetings

  1. The Chair of Regional meetings shall hold a casting vote in  the event of a tie, which shall be his first and only vote on the question being  put. All other members shall enjoy full and equal voting rights.

  2. All decisions shall be by simple majority vote. Abstentions  shall not be counted. Postal and proxy votes are not permitted.

8. Miscellaneous

  1. The general provisions of  the constitution of the Motorcycle Action Group (incorporated as a company  limited by guarantee as MAG (UK) Ltd) shall apply to this region.

  2. This region may not  affiliate to any other organisation.

  3. It shall be the duty of  this region to take all necessary  steps to enforce the constitution of the Motorcycle Action Group.

  4. Any member having a  complaint about a regional officer will  first endeavour to resolve it within the region. Should the complaints not be resolved to the satisfaction of both  parties to it, either party may refer it to the National Committee.

  5. This region shall not buy, sell, accept a gift or take lease of property without the approval in writing of the National Committee of the Motorcycle Action Group, as to the giving of which it shall have an absolute discretion.

  6. In the event of this region being dissolved or ceasing to  exist for any reason its assets, after payment of outstanding liabilities, shall¬  be transferred to the MAG (UK) Limited.

 Appendix 1 Ė Rules Applicable Where A Region Operates A County Sub-Structure

  1. The local groups within  each County shall be represented on¬  the Regional Committee by County Reps.

  2. [Either] County Reps shall be elected by the Local Repsí  within each County [or] County Reps shall be  appointed by the Elected Regional Rep from amongst the Local Reps within each County.

  3. County Reps shall be subordinate and responsible to the¬  Regional Rep of the Region in which their County falls.

Regional Reps are empowered to veto the appointment of or dismiss any County Rep deemed unsuitable or unqualified to hold office, and to invite the County in question to nominate an alternative, failing which the Regional Rep may make a suitable appointment.

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