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MAG Local Representative


A – Politically

  1. To inform local members about MAG’s current campaigns
  2. To feed back local members comments on such campaigns to the Regional Rep
  3. To co-ordinate lobbying of local politicians and councils/local authorities
  4. To feed back responses from local politicians and councils/local authorities to the Regional Rep

B – Socially

While organising social activities is not really the job of the local MAG rep, it is essential to note the following - if an event is run to raise funds for MAG it is important that the local rep retains responsibility for any monies raised and he/she must produce accounts for the event.

C – Financially

As with B above, any monies raised or spent within the group are the responsibility of the local rep.  Accounts should be produced annually and given to the Regional Rep.


To organise the local AGM to be held annually.

This job description is not exhaustive.  It is important for Local Reps to be aware that they can and should delegate tasks to other local MAG members.  This could be by means of a Local Committee with members having specific tasks and job titles such as Political Officer, Treasurer or Dealer Liaison Officer.



Clause 1. Name


The .....……………………………………....Motorcycle Action Group (hereinafter named this branch or 'local')


Clause II. Objects

  1. (1) National - "To promote motorcycling. To represent and protect the interests and rights of motorcyclists and scooterists, hereinafter referred to as riders. To give effect, as far as may be practicable, to the principles from time to time approved by the Group conference. To promote measures which in the opinion of the Group encourage safe and responsible road use. To end all discrimination against riders and to oppose all and any measures which unfairly disadvantage riders. To end all exploitation of riders. To co-operate with and lend aid to riders rights organisations at home and abroad, whose principles, policy and programme do not conflict with those of the Group".
  2. (2) Local - To unite riders within the locality and to provide an opportunity for members of the Motorcycle Action Group to participate in its activities. To recruit members to the Motorcycle Action Group. To raise funds for the maintenance of the Group locally and nationally, to enable it to pursue the objectives decided from time to time by the Group conference and National Committee. To publicise the local and national activities of the Group within the locality. To maintain contact with relevant local authorities and public bodies where the departments of such authorities are involved in actions or activities relevant to riders so as to ensure riders interests are represented and safeguarded.

Clause III. Membership

Membership shall consist of individual members of the Motorcycle Action Group resident in the locality of the branch.

Clause IV. Enrolment of individual members

  1. (1) An application to become an individual member shall be made on a membership application form, which will be submitted with the appropriate fee to any official representative of the branch.
  2. (2) The representative will issue a provisional membership card and immediately submit the fee and application to the central office of the Group which will issue an official membership card.
  3. (3) Membership will apply immediately upon payment of the appropriate fee to an official representative of the branch.
  4. (4) Any person declared by the National Committee to be ineligible for membership of the Group and who, by subterfuge, attempts to join by not declaring such when submitting an application to an official representative of the branch shall not be considered to have been accepted into membership and shall forfeit any monies paid. The mere fact that either a full or provisional membership card has been issued shall not bestow membership on the applicant if a decision to revoke or refuse membership has already been taken.

Clause V. Management

  1. (1) The management of the local branch shall be in the hands of the officers elected at its annual general meeting under
  2. the chairmanship of the representative (hereinafter called the rep). Officers and representatives, deemed unsuitable or not qualified to hold office may be dismissed between annual general meetings by the National Committee or its agent.
  4. (2) The officers shall be the local rep (chair), vice chair. treasurer, secretary and information officer.
  5. (3) Where circumstances so require, one member may be elected to more than one office.
  6. (4) The rep (chair) shall hold a casting vote only. All other members shall enjoy full and equal voting rights
  7. (5) This branch adopts the Model Rules for Local Branches of the Motorcycle Action Group (UK) Ltd and such amendments thereto as may be agreed at the Annual Group Conference or made by the National Committee in accordance with the powers conferred upon it under Clause 6.iv. of the Group constitution, and shall, further, subject to the approval in writing of the National Committee, have power itself to make alterations, amendments or deletions in these rules, provided that such changes do not contravene their spirit or intention as accepted by the Group conference or alter the objects, basis or conditions of affiliated and individual membership or effect a change in the relationship of Local Branches of the Motorcycle Action Group (UK) Ltd with the Motorcycle Action Group (UK) Ltd.
  8. (6) The quorum for meetings of the branch shall be ...... members
  9. (7) Meetings shall be held at least every four (4) weeks.
  10. (8) All decisions shall be by simple majority vote. Abstentions are not counted, but may be recorded in the minutes if so wished. Proxy votes are not counted.
  11. (9) At least seven (7) days notice of meetings shall be given by the Secretary where meetings are not held on a fixed agreed date.
  12. (10) The National Committee or its Agent shall have the power of veto over any person elected as local rep and power to dismiss any person so elected who fails to perform the duties of that office in a satisfactory fashion. In such an instance the local branch will elect a satisfactory replacement, failing which a local rep will be appointed by the National Committee or its Agent.
  13. (11) The financial year of this branch will end on the last day of .......................... accounts will be forwarded to the Reps Liaison Officer within one month of this date.

Clause VI. Meetings

  1. (1)
    • (a) The annual general meeting of this branch shall be held in ........................ of each year or in the event of such a meeting not being held in that month for any reason, then as soon thereafter as possible.
    • (b) The meeting will take place at a time and venue decided by the members, who will first ensure that an observer appointed by the National Committee or its Agent can be in attendance.
    • (c) Twenty-eight (28) days notice of an annual general meeting will be given to those members entitled to attend although the accidental failure to give notice to any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.
    1. (d) The quorum for an annual general meeting shall be ...... members.
  2. (2) Proposals and nominations will only be accepted from paid up members resident in the locality.
  3. (3) Voting at meetings shall be on the basis of one vote per member in attendance, no provision is made for proxy votes.
  4. (4) In counting votes, only votes 'for' and 'against' shall be counted, no account being made of abstentions excepting that they be recorded in the minutes upon request.
  6. (5) All members shall be required to produce their membership cards as proof of current membership before being admitted to the meeting.
  8. (6) All decisions shall be by simple majority vote save for decisions to alter these rules (as provided for in Clause V (5) of these rules) which shall require a majority equal to two thirds of the votes cast.
  10. (7) Nominees for reps must have been a full member for at least one (1) year and reside in the locality. Nominees for officers must reside in the locality.
  12. (8) Members may attend meetings of other branches on a fraternal basis but shall not vote, nominate propose, second or otherwise participate in the business of its meetings, excepting that they be allowed speaking rights with the consent of the meeting.

Clause VII. Miscellaneous

  1. (1 ) The general provisions of the constitution, standing orders and rules of the Motorcycle Action Group . (Incorporated as a company limited by guarantee as M.A.G. (UK) Ltd) shall apply to this branch.
  2. (2)This branch is a constituent part of the ...……………….Region/County Motorcycle Action Group and may not affiliate to any other organisation.
  3. (3) It shall be the duty of this branch to take all necessary steps to enforce the constitution, standing orders and rules of the Motorcycle Action Group and so to safeguard the Programme, Principles and Policy of the Group within the locality and to take any action it deems necessary for such purposes in accordance with the provisions set out below.
  4. (a) Any complaint or allegation made as to the behaviour of any member shall be sent to the National Secretary for consideration by the National Committee. Any complaint or allegation as to the behaviour of any official shall be sent to the Reps Liaison Officer for consideration by the National Committee. Such complaints will state that the complainant wishes disciplinary action to be considered.

    (b) Upon such complaint being made the National Committee will proceed to investigate and adjudicate upon the matter in accordance with the constitution, standing orders and rules.

    (4) This branch shall not buy, sell, accept a gift or take lease of property without the approval of the Regional/County Motorcycle Action Group and the consent in writing of the National Committee of the Motorcycle Action Group, as to the giving of which it shall have an absolute discretion.

    (5) In the event of this branch being dissolved or ceasing to exist for any reason its assets, after payment of outstanding liabilities, shall be transferred to the Motorcycle Action Group.

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