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Being elected as a Rep, whether that is Group or Regional, brings with it both responsibility and accountability and can, at first, seem an onerous task.

There may be various previous scenarios within your Group or Region that have prompted you to take up this nomination and run with it.  But no matter what those scenarios might have been one of the first tasks it may be prudent to undertake is to establish a good working relationship with your Committee and members.

MAG is unique in its format within the Riders Rights World in that its tree structure enables it, through its local Group system, to feed up to a Regional level and on to the National Committee (NC). It is also unique in that it works hard and parties well, the latter giving respite from more arduous duties.

It is the NC that takes decisions on behalf of the Membership to take this organization forward and it is the elected Regional Reps who have the voting power.

Democracy is not a gift, it is a basic human Right and one much deplored by many to whom this process would deter them from their own, often unpleasant, endeavours.

MAG’s structure gives every member a level playing field upon which they can have a say for MAG’s progress and it is through your representation to your Regional Rep or if you are a Regional Rep to NC that makes that voice heard.

There is no doubt you will find your elected post hard work but there is also no doubt you will find it extremely rewarding. An essential thing is to encourage election of a Group and Regional Committee each member undertaking a specific role thereby taking pressure off the Rep.

I have known some elected as Group Reps who, apart from the role of Treasurer, would try to run the Group themselves. This is a big mistake and “burnout” is often the end result and to which we have lost many valuable campaigners. So take care to put steps in place to prevent this happening.  Delegation can ease the burden and the volunteer, even for what may seem a small task, is an extremely valuable commodity.

This pack has been put together to help you do the job of Rep and besides that there is always a wealth of experience and knowledge at your fingertips.  Your National Network Communications Officer, Central Office or myself will assist in any way we can and if we can’t we’ll probably be able to point you in the right direction.  

Good luck and ride free,

Jane Chisholm

National Chairman

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