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A Few Words on Data Protection

MAG (UK) as an organisation is obliged under current legislation to be registered under the Data Protection Act.

This means that while MAG (UK) Central Office, the Regional and Local Reps are allowed to hold and use peopleís (Membersí) names and addresses, you as Reps are restricted in how you can use that data. 

The law is VERY strict and by not complying with it you as individuals can be prosecuted. 

The fines and possible imprisonment are high so please note the following:

The Act covers all forms of data from Personal Computers to tapes and disks and ALSO covers anything that is held in for example paper format including labels etc. 

 The only people allowed to even VIEW the data are the Regional Rep and Local Rep themselves. 

The Regional Rep can hold the data of their region and the Local Rep can only hold the data for their local area. 

You as Reps are NOT allowed to let ANYBODY else even see the data. 

We all know that for example some individuals let volunteers assist with envelope stuffing but I must warn you that this is against the law and you as individuals can be prosecuted.

You may find on your database that there are individuals that are "missing". 

This is actually not the case. 

Everybody is entitled to have their details precluded from distribution to Regional and Local Reps plus some of our marketing partners.  

A local Rep can only request the data through their Regional Rep or if you do not have a Regional Rep please contact our Network Communications Officer Archi Hipkins who will pass your request on to ourselves at Central Office.

MAG (UK) has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that we all comply with the Data Protection Act, so if at any time either now or in the future you need help, assistance or are unsure what you can or can not do please do not hesitate to contact the office. 

Tel: 0870 444 8 448


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