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Whether you call it advocacy, campaigning, or influencing the influential, you are about to enter the world of press releases, MPs' surgeries, letters to the editor, stalls, debates, and awareness-raising actions.

You will be exercising rights of free speech, assembly, and democratic accountability, rights that people here struggled to get and that are denied to many in other parts of the world. So make the most of them.


What should MAG Groups campaign about? 

There are three main areas Ė local, national and international issues. 

 These may be on any issue from dark visors to noise limits. 

Your MAG Regional Rep will tell you what is the current campaign focus and what is being planned. 

Details of the issues will also be made available to you in Network which you should receive monthly, and are also available on the MAG website. 

Access to the appropriate part of the website is available directly through your Repís CD.

Campaigning on a national or international issue shouldn't prevent a reasonable amount of flexibility and opportunism.

If your Group, and/or local councillors, celebrities and media are particularly keen on an issue, go with it.

And if you are in doubt about the balance between being part of a co-ordinated national campaign plan, and responding to local circumstances, ask your Regional Rep for advice.

There are clear advantages in co-ordinated campaigning: if every local MAG Group is campaigning, at any one time, on the same issue, along with central press and advocacy work, then the effectiveness and impact of all the action should be greater.

Publicity & Media 

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