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1. A rep or officer is appointed to represent the aims or views and policies of the Motorcycle Action Group, as defined at the Annual Group Conference and by the National Committee, in a specified area of responsibility. In the case of National Officers, elected at the AGC or appointed by the National Committee to safeguard the interests of the Motorcycle Action Group in a specified area of responsibility, subject to the constitution, standing orders and rules of the Group.

2.(a) No rep or officer shall publicly attack the policies of the Motorcycle Action Group, or its officers. Reps and officers shall have the right to raise any matter at the Annual Group Conference, and or with the National Committee through the Regional/County rep or Reps Liaison Officer in the case of reps and local officials. or the National Secretary in the case of National Officers. The decision of these bodies shall be binding. 

2 (b) All items intended for publication, or addressed to outside organisations or people must first be cleared by the Communications Officer (Public Relations), to prevent error or misrepresentation. Reps and officers making statements on matters not covered by the policies of the Motorcycle Action Group must make it clear that they are voicing a personal opinion.

3.There are no restrictions on reps and officers being members of, or sympathising with, any political party. However, as the Motorcycle Action Group is politically neutral, reps and officers must do nothing to connect the Group with any political party or shade of opinion. Attendance at meetings of political parties as a delegate of the Motorcycle Action Group is only with prior approval of the National Committee.

4. Funds shall not be misused by any rep or officer. All monies intended for treasurers, membership secretaries or products officers shall be handed over at the earliest opportunity and passed on to the relevant National Officer likewise. Local branches may keep a 'float' of £150 and Regional/County Groups may keep a float of £500. All excess funds to be passed to National Fighting Fund. Although reps may delegate such positions as treasurer, membership sec., products officer etc., they still retain overall responsibility for those functions. A copy of the branch's accounts must be sent to the Reps Liaison Officer annually.

5. Reps shall inform the National Committee through the Regional/County rep or Reps Liaison Officer of any members serious disagreement with policies for its consideration. The National Committee s decision shall be binding.

6. Reps and Officers unable to abide by, or found to be in breach of these rules shall be required to resign, and return their identity cards and all other Motorcycle Action Group property to the Regional/County rep, Reps Liaison Officer or National Secretary.

7. In all respects, other than exceptional circumstances, National considerations shall take precedence over local issues.

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